The Skyll Story


…recently relocated to Los Angeles from London to grow his real estate business. He wanted to find a way to meet people in a new city, and wanted something more interesting to do than vegetating on his couch in front of the TV every evening. To him there is nothing more exciting than being able to connect with like-minded people and learning from them. Loneliness is real in a big city!


…is a learning addict. She wanted to learn how to play the drums, tennis, speak Spanish, and even sign language. The list was endless! Unfortunately, her cashflow was not. She had friends who could teach her some of the skills, but none who taught sign language for example. Signing up for lessons was too expensive and required too much commitment. Sometimes, she wanted to try things out just once!

Skyll is a result of a chance meeting in a little cafe in Peru, where RJ and Fyo realized they had very a similar business idea that was motivated by different needs. This was when the idea for Skyll was born. Here they are today to share their idea with the world. Skyll aims to make people’s lives a little more engaging by offering a space to everyone who wants to meet new people and learn new skills.